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A Positive Employee Lifecycle Starts with Your Hiring Process

by Deidre Koppelman, Founder and CEO of PEAR Core Solutions | 1/27/2017

To state the glaringly obvious: every candidate you hire becomes your employee. Now consider this: before they get a company email address and computer, before meeting with HR for paperwork, before the “first day lunch” with the team, the new employee has already experienced some aspects of what it’s like to work at your company.

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Are Your Managers Setup for Failure?

by Deidre Koppelman, Founder and CEO of PEAR Core Solutions | 12/23/2016

The most common factor that pushes employees out the door is their relationship (or lack thereof) with their manager. This is despite the fact that the employee may actually like their job or their company. It makes sense when you consider that an employee’s manager is their most frequent and important connection to your company. If the manager and employee don’t get along, then the employee’s options to improve the situation are limited, and it’s usually easier for them to throw in the towel and move on.

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Your Next Leader May Be an Introvert

by Deidre Koppelman, Founder and CEO of PEAR Core Solutions | 12/6/2016

You did your research into best practices in leadership and performance management and you ensured your managers follow these practices. You carefully assess employees before they’re hired, and you promote those who show the most promise. In doing all of this, is it possible you are overlooking introverts and could this be hurting your bottom line?

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About Deidre Koppelman

Founder and CEO of PEAR Core Solutions, Deidre has worked closely with senior level executives, business owners and organizational teams, providing strategic management counsel and solutions across a variety of industries. Deidre puts her focus into organizational development, leadership development and behavioral analytics for her clients. provides tailored human resource management solutions and training.

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