Workplace Effectiveness

Effectiveness at Workplace and Personality

Employees are at their best when their strongest personality traits are engaged. One of the main factors affecting employee's performance is job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is at its highest when job requires engaging the strongest personality qualities of employees and it is in line with their values and attitudes. Another critical factor is the fit between employee and organization, in terms of organization's nature and culture. It directly affects employee's performance. Another factor is the qualify and effectiveness of subordinate-supervisor relationship. Ability to cope with stress effectively is yet another important factor. JTPW™ assessment can help managers to understand the abilities of their employees, their preferred work style, how to motivate the employes and and how to develop their potentials. The ultimate benefit to individuals completing the assessment as well as managers is learning the ways to be more effective, efficient and fulfilled at work.

Workplace Effectiveness Tools

  • JTPW™ assessment instrument is a tool used by career counselors, human resource professionals, managers, psychologists and general audience. JTPW™ assessment addresses such career development areas as employee-organization fit, job satisfaction, leadership development, decision making, problem solving, communication style, coping with stress.
  • JTPW™ training workshops and consultations are available to organizations, groups and professionals and include JPTW™ application manuals for various aspects of career development and workforce effectiveness.

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