Team Building

Effective Teams and Personality

A team that works and collaborates effectively is not a random event. Differences in personalities, points of view, past experiences, motivation drivers greatly affect team performance, communication and can lead to conflicts. Identifying personality traits, and natural gifts and preferences of team members’ personality assessment makes it possible to determine steps to improve team dynamics, establishing effective collaboration, improving motivation, and managing conflicts. Once you and your team have completed personality assessment with Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™ (JTPW™), you as a manager, and your organization will:

  • Understand your team members’ personality type, their natural strengths and natural work style preferences
  • Become a better leader to your team, understand how to effectively motivate your team members, manage conflicts and uncover potential conflicts
  • Optimize your team members’ responsibilities to maximize performance
  • Obtain personalized (i.e. tailored to unique personality traits of each team member) tips and advice
  • Uncover potential “blind spots” or areas of soft skill your team may be lacking

Team Building Tools and Resources

  1. Jung Typemeter™ acts like a compass that shows general direction of respondent's personality preferences.
                          Click to purchase JTPW personality assessment. Complete personality assessment and obtain the Employee Development report for each of your team members. JTPW™ assessment with Employee Development report is a tool to understand and leverage personality strengths of your employees, both staff and managers, and help them work successfully as a team. It includes:
    • Personality type description and scores
    • Individual’s propensity for leadership skills, results orientation, creativity.
    • Most likely communication and conflict management styles
    • A description of the most favourable work environment in which respondents can leverage their natural gifts, be most successful, fulfilled and productive
    • Tips and advice tailored to the specifics of respondents' personality
    • “Pitfalls” or potential challenges and how to manage them
    • The report features JTPW Personality Radar and Jung Typemeter.
    • Size: 8 – 9 printed pages.
  2. New Use the unique 1:1 Personality Compatibility Report  to explore personality compatibility between the team members, or between the team members and the leader. The report features the personality compatibility potential indicator. The indicator factors in the differences in the behavioral traits, their expressiveness, and the differences in personality types of respondents. The report provides the tips on how to prevent or manage potential tension or conflict between individuals. The report is available free of charge for a limited time.
  3. Use the Group Summary report that gives you the ability to analyse your team as a whole. It includes:
    • Group Personality Radar™  graph that visually represents the strengths of the key workplace-related behavioral qualities of a team, such as leadership, communication, diligence, empathy, rationality and analyticity. Group Personality Radar is a useful tool for determining group's strengths and deficiencies as a whole. Additionally, a side-by-side comparison of respondents' personality radars helps to understand ways of establishing a collaborative environment.
    • JTPW Group Type Distribution provides a visual representation and the totals of distinct personality type occurrences in a team. This is useful for determining which personality types dominate in a team and which personality types might have complemented it.
  4. Request a workshop. JTPW™ team buidling workshops and consultations are available to organizations, groups and professionals and include JPTW™ application manuals for various aspects of leadership development.
  5. Use the complimentary team building, leadership and staff development resources available on this website. Personality Assessment Portal

JTPW™ personality assessments and tools for staff development and team building are offered from our online assessment centre. Once you open an account with, your company be able to access an online assessment portal that you can navigate and manage independently. Through your portal account you will be able to invite your employees and centrally access their results. Results become available online immediately after an employee completes the assessment. Within your assessment portal you will have access to various components of JTPW™ and analyze the results using various methods.

You (or your company’s management or HR department) will obtain JTPW™ reports incorporating analysis and interpretation based on various methods.

One such type of analysis presents an evaluation of the personality traits of the employee in the context of the basic theory of personality types of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. Whereas further analysis evaluates the employee in five workplace-focused areas including leadership, communication, diligence, empathy, and rationality/analyticity. The strengths of personality traits are quantified, and the scores are presented in a Personality Radar™ graph. Personality Radar™ allows you to quickly evaluate the unique features of an employee’s personality.

You will also obtain an individualized profile of an employee’s personality, giving you a detailed understanding of his or her traits. This profile includes sections on: the best direction for staff development, decision-making style, conflict resolution style, communication style, potential strengths and weaknesses, and more. Get started now - click here to purchase a trial pack.

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