Personality Compatibility

The unique 1:1 Personality Compatibility Report is based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology and provides personality compatibility analysis of a pair of respondents. It features the personality compatibility potential indicator. Use this report to explore personality compatibility between:

  • any two individuals if you have their results, to help them develop better working relationship
  • you and anyone you interact with, if you have their assessment results
  • prospective and existing team members or between prospective members and the boss
  • between the members of an existing team or between the team members and the leader

Personality Compatibility Report Sample

Personality Compatibility Potential

The table below provides personality compatibility analysis in relation to each of the behavioural traits and personality type of the respondents. For each behavioural trait, the "Respondent 1" and "Respondent 2" columns list trait expressiveness for each of the respondents, the "Compatibility" column provides compatibility potential indicator, and the "Comments" column includes additional information. The compatibility potential indicator factors in the differences in the behavioural traits, their expressiveness, and the differences in personality types of the respondents.

TraitRespondent 1Respondent 2CompatibilityComments
Assurance7475Some possibility of tension and competition Some possibility of tension and competitionBe aware that both respondents are likely confident, take responsibility, and take projects to completion. Since both respondents have a high Assurance index, the respondents working together as a team may present a strong consolidated force to push a project forward and achieve goals or to deal with a crisis. It also indicates that the respondents may be prone to competition, and there is a possibility of tension and conflict between the respondents. If a conflict does exist, or when setting up a new team or project, it might be advisable to separate the respondents’ responsibilities so they do not overlap (or overlap less) and do not compete with each other.
Power7880Chance of tension and competition Chance of tension and competitionBe aware of the equally strongly expressed Power index in both respondents, which is indicative of likely strong leadership skills and an aspiration for a leadership role. As result, working closely together, or on the same project, might lead to competition, tension and conflict between the respondents. If the conflict does exist, or when setting up a new team or project, it might be advisable to separate the respondents’ responsibilities so they do not overlap. Being in supervisor-subordinate relationship might be a contributing factor to tension between these respondents. The following steps, if appropriate and feasible in your environment, may be considered: not placing the respondents in a supervisor-subordinate setting, giving enough independence and latitude to the subordinate, or making the subordination less formal.
Personality TypeENTJESFJPotential communication challenges between the respondents Potential communication challenges between the respondentsThe respondents perceive the world and evaluate happenings in a very different way from each other. This is because the respondents’ mental functions of consciousness are completely opposite to each other: Respondent 1 is an "NT" and as such processes and communicates information in a logical and conceptualized way, whereas Respondent 2 is an "SF" and as such processes and communicates information in a sensory and emotional way.

Compatibility Potential Scale:

Disclaimer: JTPW™ personality assessment determines likely behavioural preferences of respondents rather than their actual behaviours. Although each individual has preferences for behaviour based on their personality, individuals are capable of adapting and changing their behaviour.

  • The report is available free of charge for compatibility analysis of any of your respondents.
  • The report requires General, Employee Development, Career Development or Specialist report as a prerequisite (i.e. one paid report per respondents).
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