Staff Development and Personality

In the workplace, it is common to encounter a mix of different personalities, viewpoints, past experiences, expectations, communication issues and conflicts. How can you get such different people to work as an effective team? How do you improve communication? How can you resolve and prevent conflicts? How can you help employees succeed in today’s fast-paced environment? How do you establish an effective work environment? How do you increase workplace productivity and job satisfaction? How do you motivate employees and become a better leader? These are just some examples of the workplace issues that can be effectively addressed once you are equipped with the results of the personality assessment of your employees that is specifically designed for the workplace – the Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™ (JTPW™) - and the base of it is an understanding of your employees’ personality types and their natural behavioral preferences and gifts.

You and your company can use JTPW™ for:

  • Helping your employees understand and leverage their natural gifts
  • Improving teamwork, performance and job satisfaction
  • Conflict management
  • Assessing employees’ potentials and optimizing their job responsibilities accordingly
  • Assessing the propensity for, and developing and optimizing the use of, leadership skills of your staff
  • Improving supervisor-subordinate and peer-to-peer working relationship
  • Evaluation of candidates for promotion

Leadership Development and Personality

Understanding one's own personality is one of the key factors to successful leadership. A leader is most effective when his or her strongest personal traits are engaged. Certain personal qualities are crucial for successful leadership and if they are not developed enough, they can be improved. JTPW™ assessment with Employee Development Report helps individuals understand how to develop themselves as leaders, discover the best ways of working with others, and manage conflicts. The ultimate benefit to an individual completing the assessment is that he or she learns how to develop and realize their leadership potential in effective and rapid way.

Tools and Resources

  1. Jung Typemeter™ acts like a compass that shows general direction of respondent's personality preferences.
                          Click to purchase JTPW personality assessment. Complete personality assessment and obtain the Employee Development report for each of your team members. JTPW™ assessment with Employee Development report is a tool to understand and leverage personality strengths of your employees, staff and managers, and help them to succeed in the workplace. It includes:
    • The 4-letter personality type, its description and scores based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology,
    • Natural strengths and weaknesses,
    • Quantified assessment of natural leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, empathy, resourcefulness, rationality, analyticity and other “soft skills”,
    • Most likely leadership, communication, and conflict management styles and motivating factors
    • A description of the environment in which employee can more effectively leverage their natural gifts, be most successful, fulfilled and productive, 
    • Tips and advice tailored to the specifics of employee' personality.
    • The report features JTPW Personality Radar and Jung Typemeter.
  2. Use the free One-on-one Personality Compatibility report to explore personality compatibility between team members, or between the team members and the leader. The report features the personality compatibility potential indicator and provides the tips on how to prevent or manage potential tension or conflict between individuals, and create a collaborative environment.
  3. Use the free Group Summary report that gives you the ability to analyze your team as a whole. It includes:
    • Group Personality Radar™ graph that visually represents the strengths of the key workplace-related behavioral qualities of a team, such as leadership, communication, diligence, empathy, rationality and analyticity. Use Group Personality Radar to determine group's strengths and deficiencies as a whole. 
    • JTPW Group Type Distribution provides a visual representation and the totals of distinct personality type occurrences in a team. This is useful for determining which personality types dominate in a team and which personality types might have complemented it.
  4. Request a facilitated workshop. Leadership, communication and team building workshops and consultations incorporating JTPW™ personality assessment with the above reports are available to organizations, groups and professionals.
  5. Use the complimentary staff and leadership development resources on this website.

Leadership Development Resources

How it Works

  1. Purchase a trial pack that includes your access to the online assessment portal for your organization that you can manage independently, and credits for the employment development assessment for 2 individuals, for only $38. You can also purchase credits for a larger number of team members, and benefit from volume discounts.
  2. Log in to the portal and invite your team members to complete their assessment online.
  3. Your team members will complete the JTPW™ questionnaire online. It usually takes about 20 minutes. The results are immediately available.
  4. Use the Career Development report as an input to your session and give it to your client as a take away.
  5. You (or your company’s management or HR department) will able to centrally access all reports and perform various types of analyzes. You can configure whether your team members can access their own result online or you can distribute their report later.
  6. The reports analysis and interpretation based on various methods. One such type of analysis presents an evaluation of the personality traits of the employee in the context of the basic theory of personality types of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. Whereas further analysis evaluates the employee in five workplace-focused areas including leadership, communication, diligence, empathy, and rationality/analyticity. The strengths of personality traits are quantified, and the scores are presented in a Personality Radar™ graph. Personality Radar™ allows you to quickly assess the unique features of an employee’s personality.
  7. You and your team members are welcome to use complimentary online materials covering conflict management techniques, communication strategies, how to determine other person’s personality type, and more.

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