May 27, 2017  
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ResourcesImproving Team Performance   

Personality Type and Teamwork

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Author: Anne Dranitsaris, Ph. D.
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By understanding the different approaches, strengths and weaknesses of the type, the organizations can maximize team performance and leverage team members’ natural strengths. Understanding of type, own and of the others, can help team members open themselves to different perspectives and more effectively solve problems, resolve conflicts and improve collaboration and team cohesiveness. By adopting this approach to working with others, individuals will more readily accept and understand other team members from their own frame of reference, building bridges between the gaps that naturally occur between types, positively effecting communication, cohesiveness, and interpersonal relationships in a team.

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Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace

Request a free trial of the online Jung Typology Profiler™ (JTPW™) The JTPW™ determines the 4-letter Jung Personality Type the Improving Team Performance book refers to. It also provides a comprehensive report that covers such areas as preferable activities, work behavior, leadership skills, problem solving, decision making style, motivation factors, communication style, strengths of work-related personality qualities and more.

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