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  April 26, 2017  
Jung Typology Profiler
for Workplace™ (JTPW™)

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An online personality assessment instrument designed for the workplace. Use JTPW™ for candidate assessment, team building, leadership, career development and more. Several thousand people take the Jung Typology Test™ daily. It is used by the wide range of organizations, human resource professionals, managers, career counsellors, trainers and researchers around the globe.

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5/15: Multi-language support:
JTPW™ questionnaire is also available in German, Italian and Chinese languages!
3/11: Multi-language support:
JTPW™ questionnaire is now also available in Portuguese in addition to English, Spanish, French, and other languages!
6/25/13: New! Certification Program
The JTPW™ certification program is a useful supplement for human resources workers, managers, coaches and counselors, and anyone intending to use the JTPW™ instrument and the HRPersonality™ assessment administration service properly and most effectively.
4/23/13: Multi-language support:
JTPW™ questionnaire is now also available in Bahasa Indonesia in addition to English, Spanish, French, and other languages!
7/30/12: New Employee Development Report
use for staff and leadership development, and effective team building
5/9/12: New! Try the unique Personality Compatibility Report. Based on Jung's and Briggs Myers' approach to personality, the report provides personality compatibility analysis of employees and job candidates and is used for team building and pre-employment assessment. Available free of charge for a limited time. 

8/8/12: Display your logo
Display your company's logo to your respondents

2/17/12: Multi-language support:
JTPW™ questionnaire is now also available in Spanish, French, and other languages!
Get your own pre employment testing and team building portal

Get your own portal where you can quickly and cost-effectively conduct personality assessments of your job candidates and staff. Your assessment portal will help you select the best fit, develop your staff, build effective and cohesive teams, and develop leaders. Easily collect and analyze results of personality assessments of large number of respondents. Access multiple reports addressing various workplace-related aspects.

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For Organizations
Enhance your candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate personality assessment. Jung Typology Profiler™ personality assessments will help you select the best fit, develop and retain top talent.
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Discover effective ways of working together by using Jung Typology Profiler™ personality assessment. Leverage natural strengths of team members. Improve team cohesiveness.
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Develop your staff. Develop effective leaders. Become an effective leader. Understand your leadership style. Leverage your own personality strengths and those of your team. Motivate and create an effective work environment.
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Enhance your offering by incorporating the Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™ personality assessment into your coaching and counseling services. Get useful inputs for your session and provide valuable material to your client, cost effectively.
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Improve performance and job satisfaction, reduce stress. Leverage strong areas of personality and manage weaknesses. Understand your own work style and that of your employees, and manage conflicts.
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Use personality assessment for staff career development, insuring employee-organization fit, improving job satisfaction, leadership development and more.
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“HRPersonality™ does a great job of depicting a true insight of a potential candidate. Thanks for the great service and products!!”
Transchemical, Inc
“I have found this service to be invaluable for my business and ensuring we hire only those that are a true fit.”
- Chris B., CEO
“The JTPW Assessment has been an invaluable tool we have incorporated into our hiring process. It's a great conversation starter and allows us to get to know the candidate better and to see if he/she will be an asset to the team.”
- JoAnn R., Executive
“I strongly recommend the JTPW assessment as an essential tool in matching people to jobs/careers and assuring that the candidate about to be hired fits the job as well as the culture of the company - which in my opinion is just as important. Great company to work with too.”
“I find JTPW very helpful in providing a basic description of psychological attributes in a well tested instrument.”
Training workshops and consultations focused on applications of JTPW™ in the workplace are available to organizations, groups and professionals as well as a general audience, both on site and online. Topics include:
  • New! Using JTPW™ assessment in pre-employment
  • High performance teaming
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Change leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving and decision-making
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Emotional intelligence
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For Individuals

Leverage your personality strengths for career success! Visit our Personality Explorer website and obtain your personalized Career Development Profile based on Jung typology.
Market your strengths and land a job faster. Discover the work environment where your will be most successful, fulfilled and content.

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