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Jung Typology Profiler
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Employment Testing

Pre-employment Testing and Personality Assessment

Enhance your candidate selection process by incorporating personality assessment with Jung Typology Profiler for the Workplace™ (JTPW™). Founded on famous Jung typology extended to address the needs of the workplace, the online personality assessment with JTPW™ will help you select the best fit and retain top talent.

Why is it important?

The fit between prospective employee and job requirements, management, existing team and organization as a whole, to a large extent defines the success and productivity of the new hire and the organization overall.

Moreover, a better understanding of a candidate’s personality traits, motivation factors, work behavior and preferred activities allows managers to establish a higher level of job satisfaction and motivation among prospective employees as well as a career path.

Your Pre-employment Testing Portal: How it Works

Incorporating JTPW™ personality assessment into your candidate screening and selection process is simple.

  • You will get your own online assessment portal were you administer your assessments and access the results. No installation or paperwork is required
  • Invite your respondents from within your portal, by email, to complete the assessments on their own over the Internet. For your and your respondent's convenience, when you invite your candidate, the email is pre-filled with a unique link taking your respondent directly to the assessment.
  • You can screen a large number of candidates simultaneously.
  • The respondents receive invitation and complete assessment online. The assessment typically takes 15 minutes.
  • The results are immediately available in your portal.The reports can be viewed online, printed or saved locally in PDF format.
    • JTPW™ General Personality Profile for the Workplace and Specialist reports cover such areas as preferable activities, work behavior, leadership skills, problem solving, decision making style, motivational factors, communication style and more. The reports include a set of special behavioral indices particularly helpful in establishing compatibility criteria for various occupations.
    • Job Compatibility Report scores respondents for job titles of interest and compares their results to the recommended personality types and behavioral index ranges.
    • Personality Radar™ graph visually represents the strengths of the key workplace-related behavioral qualities in such areas as leadership, communication and interpersonal relations, diligence, empathy, rationality and analyticity; and gives you a visual snapshot of individual's strengths and potential weaknesses.
    • Produces the four letters of personality type  based on the theories of Jung and Briggs Myers (ENTJ, INFJ etc.)
  • You can use free Group analysis report to quickly rank and compare multiple candidates
  • Once you have determined your candidate's Personality Type and his/her strengths and weaknesses by using JTPW assessment, use the Behavioral Interview Guide to conduct an effective behavioral interview to probe the candidate's strong and weak areas, evaluate the candidate's ability to leverage his/her personality strengths and manage their natural weaknesses.
  • It is a pre-paid service, no subscription fees. You purchase as many assessments as you need and conduct them as required. The credits do not expire. You can re-fill your account at any time.

Getting Started With Pre-Employment Screening

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Behavioural Interview Guide

By Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.

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How an individual behaves in the workplace is greatly influenced by their Personality Type. Behavioral interviewing is a structured interviewing strategy built on the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance in similar circumstances. The behavioral interview questions help determine how the candidate has utilized his/her natural strengths, worked at developing their lesser-preferred functions and whether they recognize their work and leadership styles.
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