JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook

Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™ (JTPW™) Assessment User Handbook provides comprehensive information on best practices and principles of effective use of the JTPW™ assessment in the workplace, and is a must-have resource for the first time users and those already familiar with personality assessments. The Handbook includes the study material and references as well as practical exercises to help JTPW™ users become proficient with the JTPW™ instrument and the HRPersonality™ assessment administration service. 

The Handbook includes the material and references necessary to prepare for taking the JTPW™ assessment administration certification exam. The certification program is a useful supplement for human resources workers, managers, coaches and counsellors, and anyone using or intending to use the JTPW™ instrument and HRPersonality™ assessment administration portal. For more information about certification click here

Main topics:

  1. What is the JTPW™ instrument?
    • Typical uses of the JTPW™ instrument
  2. The Foundations of JTPW
    • Jung’s theory of psychological types
    • Personality dimensions evaluated by the JTPW™ instrument. JTPW™ model for the workplace.
  3. The Instrumental Framework of JTPW
    • Key Behavioural Qualities for the Workplace. JTPW™ Personality Radar™
    • JTPW™ Questionnaire
    • Responses reliability indicator
    • JTPW™ assessment and actual behaviour
    • JTPW™ Reports (description, interpretation, and best practices for each of the JTPW™
  4. HRPersonality™ Online Assessment Administration Service
    • Basic concepts
    • Common workflow
  5. Use Cases and Best Practices
    • Pre-employment assessment use cases
    • Team building, staff and leadership development use cases
    • Coaching and counselling use cases
  6. Ethical Use
  7. Resources

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The Handbook is provided in electronic format (PDF ebook).

The cost of the Handbook is $48.95. Click to purchase your copy of the Handbook.