Job Compatibility Guidelines Repository

About Job Compatibility Guidelines

HRPersonality™ Job Compatibility Guidelines is a repository of favorable ranges of JTPW™ behavioral indices and Jungian personality types for popular job titles. The criteria refer to the values of behavioral indices and personality types provided in respondent assessment reports. The selection criteria pertain to respondent’s personality type and important behavior characteristics measured by Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace, only. It does not reflect any job-specific skills and experience.  In addition to the popular job profiles available "out-of-the-box", Humanmetrics can develop and customize selection criteria to meet specific customer needs.

Sample Job Titles

CategoryJob titles
Sales PeopleDirect; retail; telemarketing; inside sales; real estate; purchasers
FinancesFinancial advisors; bank tellers; cash vault teller
Customer ServiceBank tellers, receptionists – hospital, hotel; CSR at call center;  waiters; flight attendants
ManagementIT, high rank, middle rank; trade - high rank, middle rank; low rank managers; office managers;
Software and ITManagement – high, mid, low ranking; system analysts; data entry
Healthcare and Social ServicesSocial workers; nurse aides;
ReligiousFaith ministers
Security & EmergencySecurity agents; firefighters; police instructors
Restaurants & CateringCooks; expeditors; waiters
DriversCab driver; bus driver; fuel tanker drivers
MechanicsGarage mechanics
ConstructionGeneral construction workers

How it Works

Job compatibility guidelines specify ranges of JTPW behavioral indices, such as resourcefulness, communication skills, leadership potential, and/or other relevant indices as well as personality types that deem to be favorable for a particular job or occupation. After a respondent has completed personality assessment with either General, Employee Development, Career Development, or Specialist report, you can use the Job Compatibility report to compare respondent's results to the guidelines, and obtain the personality compatibility score for the job titles of interest.

For every 6 "pay-for" assessment reports you purchased (either General, Employee Development, Career Development, or Specialist report), you get a free credit you can use to acquire an additional job title from the catalogue of the "out-of-the-box" titles, that can be used with the Job Compatibility Report.

Once acquired, job compatibility guidelines for a job title can be used with the Job Compatibility report free of charge for any number of respondents, but requires, as a prerequisite, one of the “pay for” assessment reports (either General, Employee Development, Career Development, or Specialist report) for the respondent.

Please note that the "out-of-the-box" job compatibility guidelines are based on expert analysis, and as such, may not take into account specific job requirements and/or behavioral requirements that you may have for the job or respondent. They are provided "as is". The users are expected to evaluate the compatibility guidelines applicability and validity of the "out-of-the-box" compatibility guidelines in their particular case. If you don't find a job title or criteria that meets your specific requirements, please contact us. We may be able develop or customize compatibility criteria to meet specific customer needs. The information in the Job Compatibility report and any JTPW™ assessment report does not constitute a sufficient reason for rejecting a candidate or refusing a promotion.

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