JTPW™ Certification Program

The JTPW certification program is a useful supplement for human resources workers, managers, coaches and counsellors, and anyone intending to use the JTPW™ instrument and the HRPersonality™ assessment administration service properly and most effectively.

By completing the JTPW certification program you will:

  • Become familiar with the fundamentals of the JTPW assessment
  • Become proficient with the assessment reports and learn to interpret the assessment results
  • Learn best practices of application of the JTPW assessment in pre-employment testing, team building, staff and leadership development, coaching and counselling
  • Learn the principles of ethical use
  • Become hands-on with the HRPersonality Assessment Administration Service

The study material includes a copy of the official JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook that contains the study and reference information to acquire the necessary knowledge and prepare for the certification exam. The Handbook is a great supplement in your ongoing use of the JTPW™ instrument, not just in your preparation for the exam.

The study and certification material is offered in both self-learning self-paced format, and group training workshops.

The self-study package includes:

  • New The official JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook
  • Access to the HRPersonality™ Assessment Administration system, with 6 assessments included that can be used for hands-on training and practical application such as pre-employment assessment, team building, staff development, counseling etc.
  • Admission to the online JTPW user certification exam*

*One time admission is included. The certification exam must be taken within 1 year of the purchase of the certification package. If the certification exam is not taken within 1 year of the purchase, a new exam admission must be purchased.

The cost of the self-study package is $395. Click to purchase. If you are an existing customer, please log in to your account and purchase it via the “Certification” menu of your account.

After making the payment, you will receive one email with your payment receipt from Paypal (you don’t have to have a Paypal account to make a payment), and one email from hrpersonality.com, with your login credentials, the JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook (PDF e-book format), and the information regarding the next steps. If you didn't receive an email from us, be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder, please contact us and provide your contact phone number.

If you wish to enroll multiple users in your organization for the self-study program, self-study packages must be purchased for all such users. Please contact us for group discounts.

Training and Certification Syllabus

In order to prepare for the JTPW™ assessment administration certification exam, you must familiarize yourself with the following topics:

  1. What is the JTPW™ instrument?
    • Typical uses of the JTPW™ instrument
  2. The Foundations of JTPW
    • Jung’s theory of psychological types
    • Personality dimensions evaluated by the JTPW™ instrument. JTPW™ model for the workplace.
  3. The Instrumental Framework of JTPW
    • Key Behavioural Qualities for the Workplace. JTPW™ Personality Radar™
    • JTPW™ Questionnaire
    • Responses reliability indicator
    • JTPW™ assessment and actual behaviour
    • JTPW™ Reports
  4. HRPersonality™ Online Assessment Administration Service
    • Basic concepts
    • Common workflow
  5. Use Cases and Best Practices
    • Pre-employment assessment Use Cases
    • Team building, Staff and Leadership Development Use Cases
    • Coaching and Counselling Use Cases
  6. Ethical Use
  7. Resources

JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook

The Handbook includes the study material and references as well as practical exercises to help JTPW™ users become proficient with the JTPW™ instrument, the HRPersonality™ assessment administration service, and prepare for the JTPW™ assessment administration certification exam. The certification program is a useful supplement for human resources workers, managers, coaches and counsellors, and anyone using or intending to use the JTPW™ instrument and HRPersonality™ assessment administration portal. JTPW™ assessment users can use the Handbook as required during ongoing use of the JTPW™ instrument, for comprehensive information on various topics in relation to effective use of the JTPW™ assessment. The handbook is provided in electronic format (PDF ebook) and is included with the self-study package and approved facilitated training programs.

Click here for table of contents and sample.

Certification Plan Step by Step

  1. Buy the self-study certification package or sign up for a facilitated training program
  2. Review and become familiar with the topics in the certification syllabus
  3. Read the material presented or referred in the JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook
  4. Take the quizzes and do the exercises from the JTPW™ Assessment User Handbook
  5. Use the HRPersonality™ assessment administration system with several respondents
  6. Take the JTPW™ certification exam

Certification Exam

There are total 38 questions in the exam. The questions are presented one at a time with instructions provided for each question. The questionnaire includes multiple choice questions. It may also include free entry questions. In the multiple choice questions you will be instructed to either choose the most correct answer or check all responses that apply. For the free entry questions you will be prompted to type in your response.

The exam status (pass or fail and the score achieved) will be provided after you submit the responses. The minimum pass score is 80, the maximum score is 100. You can view the exam and certification status via the “Certification” menu of your account. If you pass the exam, you will be able to view and print your certificate.