Job Candidate Assessment and Pre-employment Testing

Enhance your candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate personality assessment. Jung Typology Profiler™ personality assessments will help you identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.

Why it is Important

The fit between prospective employee and job requirements, management, existing team and organization as a whole, to a large extent defines the success and productivity of the new hire and the organization overall. Understanding personality types and natural behavioural preferences of job candidates can both substantially enhance your candidate selection and pre-employment screening process, and be an invaluable instrument for the smooth integration and successful start of a new team member.

When interviewing a job candidate, you as a hiring manager or human resources professional (or your company’s hiring and human resources managers) face the challenge of knowing nothing about the personality of the candidate you are about to meet. What questions should you ask during an interview to reveal the candidate’s strengths, and to probe at any weak areas? Will he or she get along with your team members? Will he or she get along with you? What about with your boss? Will the candidate bring personality strengths to the table that the current team might be lacking? How will you ensure the successful integration of a new team member or ensure a promoted employee succeeds in a new role? This is where assessing the personality of your candidates with the Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace comes in handy.

How it Works

  1. Purchase a trial pack that includes your access to the online assessment portal, credits for assessment of up to 2 candidates, and optional custom logo on the candidate entry page, for just $38.
  2. Log in to the portal and invite your candidates to complete their assessment online.
  3. Your candidate completes questionnaire online - it usually takes about 20 minutes. The results are immediately available for you to access. You will receive an email notification that the result is ready.
  4. Access various reports as required, such as General Personality Profile for the Workplace report or one-on-one Personality Compatibility report - below is the list of reports that are typically used for candidate assessment purposes.
  5. Use our Behavioral Interview Guide to obtain sample questions for behavioural interview, based on the results of assessment.

Reports for Candidate Assessment

  • The General report provides insights about the respondent, including personality type, most favourable activities, motivational factors, strengths and weaknesses, problem solving, conflict management, leadership style, communication style, and more. This report is often used to "get to know" respondent's personality before the interview, see what their personality strengths are likely to be, and to identify areas of potential issues.
    For sample behavioural interview questions that are based on results in the report, use our Behavioural Interview Guide.
  • The free Job Compatibility report provides job compatibility guidelines and scores for popular job titles. 
  • Once you have results of multiple candidates, you can use the free Group Summary report for convenient comparison and ranking of their profiles.
  • New! The unique 1:1 Personality Compatibility provides personality compatibility analysis of a pair of respondents and features the personality compatibility potential indicator. The indicator factors in the differences in behavioral traits, their expressiveness, and the differences in personality types of the respondents. The report includes tips on how to prevent or manage potential tension or conflict between individuals. Use this report to explore personality compatibility between the prospective and the existing team members or the leader. The report is available free of charge.
  • Employee Development report can be used with new hires to help smooth integration as well as with the existing staff and managers for self-development purposes.
  • Personality Radar Personality Radar™ graph is included is in all reports and visually represents the strengths of the key workplace-related behavioral qualities, in such categories as leadership, communication and interpersonal relations, diligence, empathy, rationality and analyticity, and emphasizes individuals' likely strengths and weaknesses.
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