Buying Behavior Profile Sample

Based on Jung's typology and Humanmetrics JTPW™ Personality Radar

The knowledge of consumers' core behavioral preferences and values can be effectively used to personalize and fine-tune marketing and sales, increase probability of sales and customer satisfaction. For example, once you know your customer segmentation by personality type, you can create personality type – specific messaging your customer audience will naturally resonate with. Based on the famous Carl G. Jung approach to personality type, JTPW™ assessment tool provides the ability to evaluate consumers' preferences and attitudes toward purchasing services and goods.

Personality Type - INTJ


Buying Behavior

Receptiveness to Marketing

  • Not receptive to broadcast advertising
  • Moderately sensitive to brand characteristics
  • Moderately receptive to deals and promotions
  • Sensitive to company's image

Purchasing Drivers

  • New trends
  • An opportunity to fulfill consumer's goals and ideas
  • The currently possessed item is no longer usable

Purchasing Attitudes

  • Brand popularity is not critical
  • Values functionality and features
  • Trusts expert opinion and customer reviews
  • Is annoyed by salespeople's pressure
  • Likes to have alternatives to choose from 

Important Brand Characteristics

  • Purposefulness
  • Novelty
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Reasonable price

Risk Tolerance*

  • Moderately high

Preferable Communication Style

  • Be specific and well reasoned
  • Use of visuals is o.k.
  • Challenging and appealing to intellectual abilities is o.k.

* Risk Tolerance index may be used to assess respondent’s attitude toward investing into future income, and potential interest in insurance products.

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