Personality Assessments Reseller Program

Overview affiliation and reseller program is available to interested parties. The program allows you to market and sell HRPersonality™ online personality assessment service to other consultants or organizations who want to use it e.g. for staff development or pre-employment assessment purposes, and receive a commission (a percentage of sales). To start, you must apply to become a reseller. After your application is approved, you will be provided with a special link to our online sales page that you can incorporate into your website or include in your messages. The link will include a unique tracking id to track sales you generated. Alternatively, instead of linking to our ready-to-use sales page, you can build your own online sales page.


A new sale (a new customer signs up) – 25%, a recurring sale (an existing customer purchases additional assessments) – 15%. The commissions are paid to the reseller on monthly or quarterly basis, net 30, once they have reached $200 amount.

Sales Workflow

  • A reseller’s website shall include marketing and sales materials attracting new customers and explaining about the product.
  • Option 1 - no web development is required, the purchase page is hosted by us:
    • A customer visits your website and clicks the special Purchase link provided by Humanmetrics.
    • When your customer clicks the Purchase link, it will redirect them to the purchase page hosted on to complete the purchase. The link will incorporate a unique tracking ID of the reseller provided by Humanmetrics.
    • When they visit our website through the referral from your website, we will create a tracking cookie that is valid for 90 days, to track it as referred by you, if your customer visits our website later directly.
    • The reseller’s logo and a link back to the reseller’s website may be added to the hosted Purchase page.
    • Click here to see the hosted purchase page.
  • Option 2 – some development is required, you have to build your own purchase page:
    • A customer makes purchase using the reseller’s website via the reseller's own online sales page.
    • The purchase can be made to HumanMetrics Inc, in USD or local currency, via PayPal, using credit card or other method of payment supported by PayPal.
    • Click here for an example of the online order form. The Reseller will have to create a similar order form on their website using any website technology (e.g. html, ASP.NET, Java or PHP). Humanmetrics can provide a sample .NET source code of the order page, to integrate into their website.
  • With either option, upon receiving a payment confirmation from PayPal, an assessment portal account will automatically be provisioned and the customer is emailed with login information. The reseller receives an email notification.
  • Humanmetrics tracks all purchases originated from the reseller. Each payment received online incorporates a unique tracking identification.


A Reseller is responsible for marketing JTPW assessments to their markets.

A Reseller may include links to pages containing relevant marketing materials and value-add resources. Subject to HumanMetrics’ written approval, a Reseller may copy marketing materials from website to their website.

A Reseller may create additional materials (the “Reseller’s Materials”) to promote the product and to facilitate sales and support. HumanMetrics is not responsible for costs and liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the Reseller’s Materials.

Customer Support

Customer support is available to Customers via the built in online support centre or via email.


HumanMetrics sets its product and service pricing and discounts. A Reseller may not alter Humanmetrics pricing and discounts. For current pricing information please click here.

Subject to HumanMetircs written approval, a Reseller may request a special pricing and/or special discounts for the Reseller’s market.

You must be a Certified JTPW Assessment Practitioner in order to become a reseller. Click here for information on our certification program.

Apply Now

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