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The free trial is available to organizations and specialists who are planning to do personality assessments of other people, such as staff or job candidates. The free trial includes one free assessment for a single individual. Additional assessments are available starting from $114 for a bundle of 6 assessments.
Please note the free trial is a subject to approval and will be available to qualified individuals only. Please do not apply if the sole purpose of the free trial is a one-off self-assessment, such requests will not be approved.

  • To request a free trial, please fill in the application form below and click the "Submit" button.
  • If you are a qualified professional and do not require evaluation, click here to purchase and start using JTPW assessments immediately.
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  • If you are NOT a career counselor or trainer, human resources specialist, managing other people, or someone responsible for recruitment or candidate selection - please click here to contact us with your request.
  • If you are not an organization but an individual looking for an assessment for personal career development, please click here.

Not an organization but an individual looking for an assessment for personal career development? Visit our Personality Explorer website and obtain your personalized Career Development Profile based on Jung typology. Leverage your personality strengths for career success! Market your strengths and land a job faster. Discover the work environment where your will be most successful, fulfilled and content.

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Some of the outputs of the assessment include:
Personality Type
  • Based on Jung typology, people can be characterized using four dimensions: Extraversion - Introversion, Sensing - Intuition, Thinking - Feeling, and Judging - Perceiving. Different combinations of individual's preferences in these four dimensions determine a personality type.
  • Use the Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™ to determine personality types of your prospective or present employees, team members or workshop participants.
  • Read more about Personality Types.
Behavioral Aspects at Workplace: Key Facts

The reports include key facts about respondent’s most favorable activities, work style, problem-solving, decision making, conflict resolution, communication style. Employee Development and Career Development reports also include personalized tips on leveraging strong areas of personality and managing potentially weak areas, improving communication and conflict resolution skills and more.

Problem Solving

Personality Compatibility Analysis

The unique Personality Compatibility Report. Based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology, the report provides personality compatibility analysis of employees and job candidates and is used for team building and pre-employment assessment.

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Personality Radar

The unique Personality Radar™ graph visually represents strengths of the key workplace-related behavioral qualities in such areas as leadership, communication and interpersonal relations, diligence, empathy, rationality and analyticity. It reveals potential strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

Behavioral Indices

Behavioral indices are helpful in understanding a respondent’s strengths and establishing criteria of a candidate’s suitability for certain occupation types and activities.

And More Minimize
The assessment also includes a narrative personalized description with insights into various aspects of a respondent’s behavior in the context of the workplace, and more. The full report is available via purchase and in your trial account.
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